Brooklyn Chef Newest ‘FoodNetwork Star’


English: Logo for Food Network

English: Logo for Food Network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Justin Warner won the eighth
season of ‘FoodNetwork Star’.
Episodes of this new star
are scheduled to air
this fall.

The show will probably have
a similar fun quirky style
like that of his mentor Alton

Alton Brown makes it look very easy
with his style and unique approach to
teaching the science and art of cooking.

Justin will bring his own style and
creative flare. We can look forward to
seeing some interesting dishes like he makes
at Bed-Stuy restaurant, Do or Dine. I wonder
if he will have chicken served in the shape of
a chicken. Reports:

He acknowledges that being paired with Brown, whose own Food Network show “Good Eats” was equally quirky, and not Bobby Flay or Giada de Laurentiis, brought out his best qualities.

“He just got out of my way. Confidence is a big part of it and to have someone like that go ‘You’re ready to rock. Just go for it. Go get them kid,’ that’s crazy. Sometimes, that kind of hands-off mentor is the biggest mentorship ever.”

In the end, it was the right balance of culinary talent and on-screen likability that made Warner a fan favorite.


Justin admits to being a bit of a rule breaker. We will see how
that part of his personality shines through in the shows. Due to his
promo for the new show, the restaurant Do or Dine has seen an increase
in popularity.

Justin Warner Talks about his influences

You can also check out Justin’s first interview on FoodNetwork Blogs


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  1. Love the show! All alone this year (lost hubby earlier in year/no famliy around). I am confident I have absolute BEST cranberry recipe ever made! I grind cranberries with couple oranges (segments) plus an entire orange including zest removing all pith. Add sugar and let stand about 30 mins. Add pecans (can add walnuts also) To this mixture, add one large package raspberry jello, using half the water. Mix all together, refrig til firm. My famliy (years past) loved this even those picky eaters. This is best recipe ever! Thanks to all you guys for helping me breathe this year. I depend on foodnetwork TV to keep me going with my sadness/loneliness. Never miss Sats and Rachael daily. Thanks, guys!Mary

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