Veteran Pursues his dream to become a Chef

Chef David Guzman served in the US Army as a convoy escort in Iraq when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. It left him with a serious wound to his leg, and multiple injuries. After the attack he went to a Baghdad for treatment, and returned for duty after his leg healed. To […]

Food Network Talks Turkey For Thanksgiving Live

I have often said that Thanksgiving is the Superbowl of cooking. This day is all about the big meal, and family. Food Network will host a two hour special on November 23rd from from 12 – 2 pm ET/PT , with an all star lineup of the best Chefs. Have your turkey questions ready and […]

Celeb Chef Nigella Lawson Returns to Twitter

Celebrity Chef Nigella Lawson has broken her silence on twitter, after pictures of her husband (Charles Saatchi) choking her were made public The move last Wednesday comes after the pictures surfaced two weeks ago. She is scheduled to travel back to the US. for a second season of cooking competition tv show ‘The Taste’. Fans […]

Martha Stewart weighs in On Paula Deen Scandal

Companies like Walmart, Target, and the diabetes pill company are dropping Paula Deen. Food Network. has pulled all of Deen’s cooking shows and replaced them with Giada De Laurentiis. Giada has suffered a backlash from Deen’s fans. It was Food Network’s decision Martha Stewart has weighed in on the scandal.   Martha Stewart was a guest on […]

Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay Throw Down with Keyport Chef Thursday

Bobby Flay Food Network Chef is off to Keyport on Thursday in chef throw down with Andrew Araneo of Drew’s Bayshore Bistro . The cook-off will help a good cause, Jersey Shore  Recovery after Hurricane Sandy. Araneo will be making his signature dish, ‘Voodoo Shrimp’ which has a zesty and spicy Worcestershire cream sauce and […]

Paula Deen Named Buttery Bigot in Racism Scandal

The Queen of Food Network is in hot water in this recent Racism Scandal. According to reports, the Queen of Food Network’s trouble started, when a court deposition leaked, that Paula used the N-Word. Lisa T Jackson a former manager at Deen’s restaurants is suing Paula Deen and her brother Buba Heirs who is also […]

Twelve-year-old Cooking Prodigy: Kid Chef Eliana

Kid Chef Eliana a seventh grader is on her way to becoming an extradinory Chef. She has authored two cookbooks, and has her own radio show. The secret to her jambalaya is onions and the creole seasoning. I think the secret to her love for cooking is her mom. Seeing a talent in her daughter, […]

Jeff Foxworthy to Host CBS Cooking Show ‘The American Baking Competition’

Jeff Foxworthy the comedian will be hosting “The American Baking Competition” which will air on CBS. The show will feature amateur cooks, who will compete in challenging bake offs. The New show is based on the “The Great British Bake Off”, on the BBC. Jeff Foxworthy is a very popular comedian known for “Blue Collar […]

Bobby Flay picks Pleasant Hill chiropractor as one of ‘Worst Cooks in America’

Bob Schaefer admits he has never cooked anything in his life. His wife actually does all the cooking. His wife signed him up to be on the show, “Worst Cooks in America“. He never expected that they would actually pick him to be on the show. His wife is a huge fan of Food Network. He […]

China’s Popcorn Cannon on Mythbusters with Alton Brown

This old popcorn machine, is supposedly  the fastest popcorn maker in the world. Mythbusters a science program on the Discovery Channel, decided to put this machine to the test. I have watched Mythbusters take onmany urban myths. This is one of the shows I couldn’t wait to see. Does this machine make the fastest popcorn in the world? […]