Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay Throw Down with Keyport Chef Thursday

Bobby Flay Food Network Chef is off to Keyport on Thursday in chef throw down with

Bobby Flay performing a cooking demonstration ...

Bobby Flay performing a cooking demonstration in Green Bay, Wisconsin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Andrew Araneo of Drew’s Bayshore Bistro . The cook-off will help a good cause, Jersey Shore  Recovery after Hurricane Sandy.

Araneo will be making his signature dish, ‘Voodoo Shrimp’ which has a zesty and spicy Worcestershire cream sauce and its served with jalapeno cornbread to put this dish over the top.

New Jersey.com ReportsBut Araneo shouldn’t don’t expect any pity from Flay — the celebrity chef says he’s in it to win it. But, Flay adds, “This is going to be a dish that Drew is pretty well-versed in, so it’s going to be tough to beat him.”

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Chef Araneo has some good friends. They put together a fundraiser to help him fix his restaurant after Hurricane Sandy. At the time he didn’t have insurance so the five feet of water that hit his restaurant was quite a blow. Thanks to their efforts he was able to re open in March. To me this is the most touching part about this story.

I know it will be a good show. Bobby Flay is fun to watch, and I loved watching him in a cook off on Iron Chef. He has a really good heart, and you can see it everything that he does.Its organized by Stronger the Storm public relations team. The show will be taped. They are going to let 400 fans attend. I advise you come early, because its a first come first serve only. The event takes place at outdoor beachside kitchen on the Keyport waterfront, off American Legion Drive and starts at 2 pm this Thursday.


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