China’s Popcorn Cannon on Mythbusters with Alton Brown


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This old popcorn machine, is supposedly  the fastest popcorn maker in the world. Mythbusters a science program on the Discovery Channel,
decided to put this machine to the test.

I have watched Mythbusters take onmany urban myths.
This is one of the shows I couldn’t wait to see. Does this
machine make the fastest popcorn in the world? Food Network TV
Chef Alton Brown, made a guest appearance on the show
to find out.

The Chinese media and the state-run TV channel weren’t
pleased at all with the show.

The International Business Times Reports:

Video footage of this created a substantial reaction in the Chinese media (including the state-run TV channel CCTV) that ridiculed the unnecessary– and some claim ignorant — precautions taken by the show’s hosts.

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I really think the youtube comment that “Americans are stupid” is foolish.
A big part of Mythbusters, is that they do blow things up, and suit up
in protective gear. You expect that something will get blown up. Otherwise
its not a true Mythbusters show. Its not reality TV, its meant to be
entertaining and fun.

Mythbusters Fastest Popcorn Cooker with Alton Brown Food Network TV

You can check out the video and make up your own mind.


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