Cinnamon Apple Salad

English: Red Apples فارسی: سیب سرخ

This is a simple and delicious salad. Apples
are in season and this salad goes well with a roasted chicken,Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. This salad doesn’t take much time to make.

4 Red Delicious Apples peeled and sliced
1 Cup of  Water: (I recomend filtered water)
1/2 Cup of Imperial Red candies
Lettuce leaves for garnish


Toasted Walnuts, or pecans on the top.


Wash the apples in cool water and pat dry.Peel and slice the apples. If you want you can peel the apples, and use a pear cutter. This will slice,
and core the apples. The pear cutter is easier to use than apple cutter.

In a medium sauce pan add water, cinnamon candies and apples. Heat the mixture to boiling,uncovered. Stir with a wooden spoon occasionally, so the candies don’t stick to the pan. Cook the mixture until the apples are fork tender. The smell from this mixture as it bowls,
is wonderful. Makes the house smell like Christmas.

Cool the mixture, and chill in a sealed bowl. When your ready to serve drain the liquid from the apples and place the apples on the lettuce leaves.
If your not fond of the cream cheese, you can serve as it is.

The leftover juice is great for cocktails. Serve the juice over ice, and add a small jigger of dark rum. Its so good! You can also serve these cinnamon apples over french toast, or with some vanilla ice cream.


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