Cooking the Perfect Prime Rib for New Years Day

A Sunday roast consisting of roast beef, roast...

A Sunday roast consisting of roast beef, roast potatoes, vegetables, and yorkshire pudding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The key is to find a roast
that is marbled with bits
of fat in the center of the
roast. The best way is to ask
the butcher to help you find
the perfect roast.

The marble of the roast is
what give Prime rib its mouth
watering flavor. I do have a
digital thermometer and a roasting
pan. I save some juice to make
Yorkshire pudding.

Pine Richland Patch Reports

First, preheat the oven to 200 degrees (yes, 200). Season the outside of meat (Montreal Steak Seasoning is the best for this). Pat the seasoning into the sides of the meat.

Sear meat on top of stove in the cast iron skillet (you can use a heavy skillet, but the cast iron is the best choice as it gives it the best crust). You will have to sear each side separately, about three-to-five minutes per side at high heat. Keep turning until all the sides are seared. Sear does not mean burn, just brown it and turn, as cast iron can heat up to a very high heat. Beware that you cannot be distracted while you are doing this step—you must pay attention and keep turning it and searing.

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My favorite recipe for Prime Rib is
the Alton Brown Dry-Aged Standing Prime Rib.
The only thing I do differently is use
Olive Oil instead of Canola for his recipe.

It comes out delicious every time.
My company is never disappointed by
the flavor. Just add some homemade
Parmesan and chive mashed potatoes, Yorkshire
pudding and a good desert.

Prime Rib makes great leftovers. Check the video
below for some more cooking tips and tricks for
the best Prime Rib. Do invest in a good digital



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  1. Does this work for prime rib 10Lbs and over?

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