Food Network Talks Turkey For Thanksgiving Live

English: Oven roasted turkey, common fare for ...I have often said that Thanksgiving is the Superbowl of cooking.
This day is all about the big meal, and family. Food Network will host
a two hour special on November 23rd from from 12 – 2 pm ET/PT , with an all star lineup of the best
Chefs. Have your turkey questions ready and get them answered by one of these top chefs, Alton, Bobby Flay , Giada or Ina Garten.

If your on facebook you can post your questions on the Foodnetwork page, or twitter, @FoodNetwork, just use the hashtag, #ThanksgivingLive, or join them on a Google Plus Hangout. Its a great way to connect with others and share some of your best tips for a
fabulous Thanksgiving.

I keep turkey gravy mix packets on hand, just in case my gravy doesn’t turn out. Also cut your veggies up ahead of time, for the stuffing
and anything else you need. Put them in a zip lock bag, and write on a sticky label what its for. Some ideas for leftovers, turkey pot pie,
turkey noodle soup, and Turkey Milanese.

Enjoy the good food, and company.Have a great Thanksgiving!

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