Food Tips How to Saute Meats and Fish Like a Pro


Public domain photograph of various meats. (Be...There is a definite art to
sauteing meats and fish. If you
want to impress your family and
friends you can try these tips
and do it like a pro every time.

First you need to start with the basics.
A heavy bottomed skillet works best for
meats. I recommend a well seasoned
iron skillet. If its well seasoned
your meats will have a really nice

Non stick is recommended for fish. Buy
a really good spatula and a sturdy
set of tongs. These tools are essential
for saute.

A common mistake many people is that they
don’t preheat the pan first. Start by
preheating your pan on medium high heat.

A good way to know that the pan is ready is by
putting a little drop of water in the pan. Just a small
drop, if it sizzles your ready to go.

Remember to have your meat at room temperature.
Season it on one side and place that side is the
side you want in the pan first.

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Add some oil to the pan, but just a few tablespoons. Tip: Olive oil or a blend of olive oil and butter work well. The pan is ready when it starts to shimmer. You need the heat to get the sear.

• Start sauteing; move it away from you.

• Season the top side. Don’t touch the meat or move it in the pan. Let the pan and the heat do all the work. The pros know that’s what helps to make a good sear.

• Watch for the cook line. You want to see it cook about two-thirds of the way through — this is called the cook line.

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If you can get a good digital thermometer
to check the temp of your meats. I like to use it
because it keeps me from over or under cooking my
meats. They come out perfect every time.

You can find these thermometers are Target. Just
look in the kitchen gadget isle.

Culinary Video Tips on Sauteing

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