Fun Water Party Games for Kids


English: Two young children unsupervised in an...

English: Two young children unsupervised in an inflatable pool in a backyard. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When temperatures are hot, kids tend to want to stay indoors, and
play video games. So how can you encourage your kids to have some fun during the summer?
Why not try some of these fun water party games for kids.

Water Balloon Obstacle Course:

Divide the kids up into teams. Use some paddling pools,
and create tunnel tubes that kids can crawl through.
Through out the race have buckets with wet colored sponges for the kids, to pick up.
Use a 12 foot long tarp, that has a hose of running water. The team that can bring back the most colored
sponges for their team and get through the obstacle course is the winner.

Splash Tag Your It!

One child is chosen to be it. All the other players in the game, try to run away from whoever is it.
Meanwhile the one who is it, tries to tag the other kids, by throwing a wet sponge at them. If they get hit by the sponge
they are now it.

Sponge of War

Put a bunch of sponges into a kiddie pool or bucket. Let the kids have a water fight using sponges as the ammo.

Summer on the beach scavenger hunt

Divide the kids into teams. Place old beach bags, sunglasses, sand buckets, and shovels. around the yard for the
kids to find. You can add more items such as squirt guns.


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