Homemade Old Fashioned Ice Cream Sodas

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When I was a kid, my dad loved to take
me to the movies on Saturdays. After
we went to the movies, my dad and I
would go out and have an Old Fashioned
Ice Cream Soda.

I looked forward to it as a kid. We had
an absolute blast talking about the parts of the
movie we loved and drinking that ice cream soda.
It was so yummy and its not hard to make at home.

Its a fun drink for kids of all ages. Its especially
fun for sleep overs.

Home-Made Ice Cream Sodas

Use 14 or 16 oz Glasses keep them
chilled in the refrigerator.

3 Tablespoons of Chocolate Syrup or Strawberry

Or 3 Tablespoons of sweetened crushed fruit

1 Cup of favorite Vanilla Ice Cream

Cold Club Soda or Seltzer water

Can Whipped Cream


Optional your favorite crushed cookies, or
some gummy bears for the topping.


Pour 3 tablespoons of your favorite flavor of syrup into the
bottom of the glass.Or you can use some your favorite sweetened crushed fruit.

Add ice cream and seltzer just enough to almost
fill the top of the glass. Stir until well blended.

You can top it with whipped cream and some
cherries. Serve with a big spoon and a straw.
My cousin and I use to red vines as the straws.
Believe it or not its really good.

Just for fun I like to crush up some oreo cookies on top
or add some gummy bears or gummy worms. The Kids love it!
You can be as creative with the cookies or crushed candies
as you like. Or you can have a small bowl of a few choices
for some toppings.

Pop in your favorite movie, and enjoy. I love making these
for movie night. My family and I can sit back with some pillows
and enjoy the taste of an old fashioned ice cream soda.

I will put up a recipe for Irish Cream Soda for St Patrick’s
Day. Working on one for Valentines Day. Enjoy!


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