How To Cook The Perfect Steak Every Time

How to Cook Perfect Steak Every Time

Steaks on a grill

Steaks on a grill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grilled steak is delicious and
great when you have a pool party
or just a fun get together. There are
some basics to cooking the perfect
steak. Your family and guests have
their personal favorite doneness
whether its medium rare,or well done.

I know I have personally had steaks,
stick to my cast iron skillet and grill,
when trying to sear.
The way to prevent this is to rub the
steak with some olive oil before you put it
on the grill or in the pan. It will give you
a terrific sear. This is a tip
I learned from the HuffingtonPost a few days

Tips from the HuffingtonPost for Cooking Steak:

Symptom: I Can Never Get My Steak Perfectly Medium-Rare

Remedy: The best way to tell medium-rare doneness is to press the steak with your finger. The steak should sort of act like a good pillow — you should be able to make an indentation that bounces back to shape. If it’s too mushy, it’s still rare. If it doesn’t make an indentation, then it’s cooking toward well done.

Read more Helpful Tips on Cooking Steak HuffingtonPost

One of the tips they shared was to season your steaks right after they come
off the grill or out of the pan. I like to use fresh cracked pepper, and some
kosher salt before I grill or pan fry a steak. The course kosher salt adds a nice
crust to the steak and a wonderful flavor. Always let the steaks rest before serving.

This way the steak won’t bleed or lose its moisture. No matter how hungry you
are let it rest, then it will have a moist rich flavor. Keep a digital thermometer,
to check the steaks doneness.

Temperatures for Steak Doneness:

Rare: 120 – 125 degrees F
Medium-Rare: 130 – 135 degrees F
Medium: 140 – 145 degrees F
Medium-Well: 155 – 160 degrees F
Well: 165 – 180 degrees F


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