Paula Deen Named Buttery Bigot in Racism Scandal

The Queen of Food Network is in hot water in this recent Racism Scandal.

Paula Deen holds court

Paula Deen holds court (Photo credit: Bristol Motor Speedway & Dragway)

According to reports, the Queen of Food Network’s trouble started, when a court deposition
leaked, that Paula used the N-Word.

Lisa T Jackson a former manager at Deen’s restaurants is suing Paula Deen and
her brother Buba Heirs who is also an owner of the restaurant. She is suing them
for a hostile work environment rife, with sexual harassment and racial slurs.

Deen’s Lawyer calls the allegations false. When asked during the court deposition
if she used the N-Word. Paul Deen said yes of course.

Food Network issued a statement saying they would monitor the situation. Its been reported
that Food Network is dumping Paula Deen. They have no plans to renew her contract which ends this month.

Newest Update Smithfield Foods has cancelled its contract with Paula Deen in light of this lawsuit.

She also cancelled an interview with NBC Today Show. Opted to do a video, with an apology. In fact there are three Paula
Deen apology videos on youtube. Which have been uploaded separately. Why there are three videos I’m not sure. I think she needs
to get a better PR Department.

Paula Deen Apology Video

She also stated that she and her brother Buba don’t tolerate bigotry.

More reports state that she was going to hire black waiters to be in a civil war plantation themed wedding,
dressed as slaves. With her recent type 2 diabetes scandal, and Anthony Bourdain host of NO Reservations calling her out for promoting fatty foods,
and getting deal to sell diabetes drugs, this is a recipe for PR Disaster.

Its rumored that her twitter account has been hacked. They are calling her the Buttery Bigot. Certainly edited youtube apology videos aren’t
helping the situation.


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