Savor Mexico Friday June 21st

English: Chapulines for sale at the Benito Jua...

English: Chapulines for sale at the Benito Juarez Market in Oaxaca de Juarez, Oaxaca, Mexico. Español: Chapulines por la venta en el mercado Benito Juárez en Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, México. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fourth Annual Savor Mexico will be take place this Friday at 7pm to 10pm
3015 at Trinity Groves. This festive foodie event combines, the flavors of mexico and a
chance for culinary students from the institution Politécnico de Guanajuato in León to show off their signature

The culinary students from the institution Politécnico de Guanajuato in León competed for a chance to win a trip
to Dallas Texas and show off their best, drinks appetizers, entrees and deserts. Savor Mexico, is promoting education
in the Culinary Arts.

This event began four years ago, to bring the flavors of various regions of Mexico to
the area and to further the scholarship fund for Greenville Avenue Area Business Association, to help Dallas students achieve their dream of going to college.

This year the highlighted region will be Oaxaca which is widely known for its Chocolate and Oaxacan cheese is another famous delicacy. Referred to as the land of the seven moles.”

Mole is often defined as a Mexican sauce made with chocolate but other ingredients are added to make it a rich and spicy

Oaxacan cheese is a white cheese similar to mozeralla. Its melted on quesadillas and the flavor is wonderful enchiladas with a mole sauce.  These are some of the flavors, that you can experience at this event.

Enjoy festive music, fantastic food by upcoming chefs.


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