Taste Ghirardelli’s New Filled Chocolate Bars For a Twitter Chocolate Party!

Looking for a nice break? Join us for a fun filled chat about Chocolate.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Tasting Party Twitter Sept 11th 2013

Ghirardelli Chocolate Tasting Party Twitter Sept 11th 2013

Ghirardelli Chocolate Company is introducing some new rich and decadent chocolate filled bars.
You can enjoy the amazing flavor with every bite.

The Upcoming Twitter chat is next Wednesday, September 11th at 5 pm Pacific Time (8 pm Eastern and you folks in the middle 7 pm Central).they will give you a sneak peak at two new enticing flavors of Mint Cookie and Toffee Crunch. The holidays are just around the corner. These chocolate filled bars by Ghirardelli can be a great Treat for a Halloween Party, or a fun candy gift for someone special.

The Hostess of this Twitter Chat, is Head Thirsty Girl Leslie Sbrocco and she will share some of her cool ideas and select ONE LUCKY WINNER at the #TGTaste Twitter chat to win a case of FREE Ghirardelli chocolate! Sounds like a blast right?

How you can Join the Ghirardelli Chocolate Twitter Tasting Party?

Pick up a bar of the Newest Ghirardelli Chocolate filled bars to taste and tweet along
with us.

UserNames and Tags to Use to Join
#TGTaste is hosted by Thirsty Girl, so follow her on Twitter @beathirstygirl and the hashtags we are using is #TGTaste.Please also follow our Head Hostess TG @lesliesbrocco.

During the Twitter Ghiraradelli Chat, tell us what you like about the new flavors

  • What are some things you love about these new flavors?
  • Would you share your chocolate indulgence with a friend over Coffee, or curl up with a book?
  • Invite a Friend and Join in the Fun!

Have your own Chocolate Tasting party, and tweet with us.

Some New Ghirardelli Chocolate Flavors to Savor and Love!

New Flavor Mint Cookie – Decadent refreshing mint chocolate filling blended with crunchy cookies surrounded by slow-melting milk chocolate.
New Flavor Rich Decadent Toffee Crunch – Slow-melting milk chocolate & decadent chocolate filling blended with crunchy toffee bits.
Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Caramel – Rich, slow-melting dark chocolate and luscious, buttery caramel filling enhanced by a touch of sea salt.
Dark Chocolate and Raspberry – Rich, mouth watering slow-melting dark chocolate with a sweet tartness of raspberry filling.( good chocolate to use for Chocolate Bread)
Milk Chocolate with Caramel – Creamy and rich, buttery caramel filling surrounded by a melt in your mouth slow-melting milk chocolate
Dark Chocolate with Caramel – Rich,decadent slow-melting chocolate and a luscious rich, buttery caramel filling.

Hope to see you at the Ghirardelli Chocolate Tasting Chat, Wednesday September 11th. In the meantime you can share your thoughts on the new flavors,
by becoming a fan on Ghirardelli Facebook page

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