Veteran Pursues his dream to become a Chef

Veteran Pursues his dream to become a Chef

Veteran Pursues his dream to become a Chef

Chef David Guzman served in the US Army as a convoy escort in Iraq when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb.
It left him with a serious wound to his leg, and multiple injuries. After the attack he went to a Baghdad for treatment,
and returned for duty after his leg healed. To me this speaks of the character of this man, who served our country with
true valor.

He received the purple heart. A month later he was flown home, when he learned that his leg had developed gangrene
from a piece of shrapnel. The doctors were able to save his leg. He received an outpouring of support from his family
and a special group of soldiers. He started experiencing traumatic brain injury and symptoms of post traumatic stress.

Wounded Warrior Project

He earned a Culinary Arts associates degree and an associate’s degree in Interdisciplinary studies from South Texas College. And working on bachelor degree of Agriculture Science and Wildlife Recreational Entrepreneurship from Texas A&M University-Kingsville. “I found out that cooking makes me happy. At the same time it feels good when my sons tell me they want to be chefs like me,” he smiles.

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It would be wonderful to see him, with other celebrity chefs on Food Network. I don’t know what dishes he makes,
but I look forward, to seeing the new creations he comes up with.

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